Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere....

    Yuck!! I am in Skylar's room and something reeks! I look around and its one of the few times the room is clean so I cant imagine what could be hiding. So I go to the toybox and the smell gets stronger! It was definitely the source of the stench. Milk had found its way to the bottom and was curdled and disgusting. So I empty ALL of the toys out. I decide to clean all of the toys and then I will tackle the offending toybox. Sky is having a snack  in her boosterchair so I sit on the floor and get to work bleaching and disinfecting a massive amount of toys. Andrew is going to run some errands so he brings Sky in the room and  puts her on the other side of the room so she can read books while I finish up. I have finally cleaned all the toys and go to get some more cleaning stuff for the actual culprit, the toybox.  I peek at Sky, she is sitting in her chair "reading" her books. So I am in the kitchen and I hear Sky through the monitor. Aww, my sweet girl is singing! I start humming along, its the cleanup song! "Cleanup, cleanup, everybody everywhere, cleanup, cleanup Skylar better do her share". WAIT!! Oh crap she's singing the cleanup song!! I jumpover the gate (I promise it didn't look like a blob hurdling herself over but more like a ballerina gracefully leaping) and I run to Sky's room. There she is, looking up at me with pride shining from her face, clapping her hands and saying "Yay!!" All the toys are back in the milkcurdled toybox!!! Isn't it funny how the lessons we teach seem to take at the wrong times!

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