Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

       Let me start out by saying it was a pretty eventful weekend. (lots of shopping, running around, Sky was sick then busted her head, etc) I had lots of things to talk about but nothing that seemed really interesting or funny. I should've known Skylar would end up providing fodder for my blog!!
      First off, I am extremely hard of hearing. I am not so deaf that you can yell obscenities in my ear (like my dad, not that we do that or anything) but I am hard of hearing to the point that if a serial killer was in my house chanting some scary song I would run smack into him because I cant really tell where sound is coming from. I also struggle to distinguish one sound from another. When Sky was a baby the cat would meow and I'd  hear it on the monitor and I'd jump up to go feed Sky. (luckily my eyesight is good so I don't have any embarassing "I breastfed the cat" stories to tell!!!)
      Andrew was cooking and I was going to get  my camera to go take a picture of the sunroom (we rearranged furniture today). I grab my camera and I hear a funny sound. I was like "is that water?" Then I quickly decided my ears were failing me as usual and it must be static or maybe just the sound of Andrew cooking burgers. (we keep bathroom doors closed so running water didn't seem viable) I notice as I go to the kitchen that the sound is getting quieter which means it isn't coming from there. (I know my intellectual prowess is ASTOUNDING!!!) So then I start cataloguing her toys in my mind trying to figure out what makes the water sound as I make my way to her bedroom. I get in there and Skylar isn't there. (don't worry I have learned my lesson and didn't even attempt to look for her in diaper bags or couch cushions!) I realize then that I do hear running water and I scurry into the bathroom hall area.
      There she was. Laying in the sink, chillin' with the water turned on!!! I jumped over to feel the water to check  the temp while I am yelling for Andrew to come see Skylar's latest escapade. The water was warm (which is a little scary because she had the cold AND the hot water on). I still had my camera in my hand so I took a quick snapshot and then turned the water off. Before I can even grab Skylar she is trying to turn them back on. I put her on the floor (that's a total understatement, really I picked her up and held on for dear life while she wiggled and screamed and reached for the sink. Then I just kind of  plopped her on the floor so she could continue her glorious temper tantrum) I move the stack of pillows (Sky's makeshift ladder) that I had left on the floor while we were moving beds and cleaned up the water that was ALL over the sink. Skylar then hung from the counter raising her chubby little leg and grunting while she valiantly tried to get back into her homemade hotub!
      Good news, Sky gave us a laugh and surprised us again. Bad news, she totally could've scalded herself and it could have been a scary event instead of a funny one!! Thank you lord for watching over my little one....

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