Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pillow Fight

     Skylar loves pillows. She is very passionate about it, if she sees you laying on one she comes and grabs your shoulder and tries to pull you off the pillow while she yells incoherently. Apparently they ALL belong to her. She has little skylarsized pillows that she carries around because sometimes the bigger pillows are s a challenge for her.  She always looks so cute stumbling around while carrying a big pillow. Usually you just see a pillow with chunky little legs sticking out underneath it. Good news is when she trips and lands on her face at least its a soft landing! (my clumsy self has actually considered carrying around a pillow for just such moments.)
     So Sky was playing in her room.  Her window is her new favorite place. She likes to bury herself under pillows and clothes in the window and "read" her books. So today I hear the distress call "aaagghh momma momma aaaggghhhh!!!!" I would love to embellish and tell you I leapt up from my seat dove over the couch and raced  to save my child all mamma bear like, but that wasn't the case. I hear the distress call about 30 times a day so it doesn't inspire any "supermom" alter ego to surface.  I finished rinsing the last of the dishes then went to see what life threatening situation my monster had got herself into. By the time I got there she was almost out of her  predicament.  Pretty much the issue was she was buried under pillows and couldn't get out of  the window because she wasn't willing to relinquish the book she was holding so her hands would be free.
        So after I help her out I grab a pillow and say "pillow fight!" and knock her over. (we have these pillow fights often!) She giggles and screams and frantically tries to get a big pillow to hit momma with. She is falling down and all crazy and frenzied so I grab her arms to help her lift the pillow. I remember thinking "Huh, that was a heavy pillow..." when WHAM!! Sky smacks me across the face with the pillow. I screamed and  stumbled back into the wall! I was in so much pain! I hear Sky giggling in the background and I am trying hard to not cry. I go to see what the hell hit me and Sky looks at my face and goes "uhoh....spaghettios"  She had stuffed a bunch of books in the pillowcase!! Sky touches my face and there is blood on her hands. She whacked me good! She did hug me though then ran off to play. She seemed oblivious but I swear I heard some diabolical laughter coming from the bedroom and I was set up!! Sky wins again!

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