Tuesday, August 3, 2010


     Lately my little monster has been hiding when she doesn't agree with whatever I have planned for her (which is quite often). I use the term "hiding" quite loosely, it usually consist of her ducking her head or standing against a wall in plain view while trying to make herself as flat as possible. Luckily so far she has always been easy to "find". Tonight however as I prepared her crib for bedtime (I currently have to move it to the middle of the room so she doesn't pull her Spiderwoman routine and scale the walls to get out) she saw me and ran out of the room. It was a very frantic run accompanied with squeals, giggles and flailing arms. I, being a great Toddler Interpreter, knew this was the lead in to a game of hide-N-seek. Since I am always the victor in this game I had no worries.
     15 minutes later you find me standing in the foyer scratching my head, my cocky smile no longer on my face, calling Skylar's name while wondering if it was possible she was kidnapped or mistaken for a kitty treat by Duchess. (ok so that was reaching a bit but if you were missing a small child and saw Duchess licking her chops with her gluttonous belly hanging out in all its glory you would have leapt to that conclusion too, rational or not.) I seriously had NO clue as to where she was, I had checked all the obvious places and was now looking in places that made absolutely no sense (under couch cushions, in the diaper bag, etc) Then I hear it, a giggle, and right there in front of me her little head peeks out!!! She was hiding behind her tent! I know, I know, it sounds like I dropped the ball on the whole seeking thing but really I didn't, there's a plant behind the tent!! Sky was sitting on the base of the plant with her arms and legs wrapped around the plant and she is giggling incessantly! The scores were in: Mommy 0 Skylar 1, I am no longer the Hide-N-Seek champion!! SO next time my little imp goes running I will frantically follow close behind, my arms flailing!!

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