Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper....

    We recently brought out Sky's table and chairs so that she could sit at it like a big girl and eat. We eat our dinners at the table as a family and then breakfast and lunch Sky eats at her table. Lately I have been letting her sit there and eat yogurt or applesauce with a spoon as a snack.
      So while Sky was eating her yogurt I was dusting. (ok, I know this story already is starting to sound like a tall tale but I really was dusting) Normally after snacktime we have to do a big cleanup but Sky came running over to help mommy and she was relatively yogurt free so I let her help. She was so cute watching me intently and doing everything exactly as I was. I gave her a baby wipe and told her to clean the end table while I did the tv. We were singing our cleanup song and cleaning away. Sky came running over with the wipe and wanted me to put some of the pledge on it. I told her "no ma'am you cant have any pledge" I gave her a new wipe and told her to go clean her toys. She is very happy with the new wipe and runs off singing. I am in the zone, dancing to my music and cleaning. I hear Sky behind me and glance back  to see her wiping the end table. I just smile at my angel, she's so darn cute! She runs off again and I can hear her through the monitor singing the cleanup song in her bedroom.
     I am done with the living room I turn around to go start another room and I see it. THE END TABLE IS COVERED IN PINK YOGURT!!!  (I definitely did not lose Sky this time all I had to do was follow the slimy pink trail till I got to her.) There was some on the walls, the door handles, pretty much everywhere you could think of that was in Skylar's reach was pink. I go into her room and there she is, standing by her toybox. She holds up the rag, pours some yogurt on it, then sings the cleanup song as she wipes the rag back and forth!!! I am in shock, speechless (thats a big feat for a blabbermouth like me). I say" Sky what are you doing?!"  She proudly points to all the places she's cleaned up and says "yay!" and claps her hand after everyone. Then she grabs her yogurt and her rag and starts to sing.
      I am apalled and proud all at the same time. I decided this time to put her in her highchair with a popsicle (her reward for such hard work) and sit her in front of the tv while I deyogurted the place!

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