Thursday, August 12, 2010

Killer Kouch Kushions!!

   First off I feel the need to make a statement about my parenting; yes Andrew and I are huge horror fans, but we do not watch any horror movies till after Skylar is in bed and we NEVER purposefully scare her. I can proudly say despite our strides to not bring horror into her life she takes any toy that can open and close (like her pearly pink Disney Princess purse) and says "RAWR, RAWR" and pretends its eating her face. ( I know I am just busting at the seams with pride!) She also squats down on her chubby legs, peers into the ac vent, growls and then screams and runs. ( Cute right?! Or maybe there's a freakin' monster in there, I give it a wide berth when I walk around just in case my daughter has some special spidey sense or something)
     Some fears are healthy, well if not healthy at least cute enough to not tamper with, but Sky's latest phobia had to be dealt with. Sky used to love to lay behind you on the couch and run across the couch from end to end. One day she dropped her little ball and reached down into the couch cushion to get it but ended up just getting upset and throwing one of her not so cute tantrums. I gave her the ball and she looked around me suspiciously at the couch and ran off. This is where I think the fear started. Over the next week Sky  would sit in your lap but not on the back of the couch. I tried to show her once that it was safe by sticking my arm down int he cushion and saying "see, its okay". Skylar bolted, seriously, all I saw was a blur of color and then she was gone. In retrospect,maybe having the couchmonster eat my hand in front of her wasn't the smartest idea.  I went and found her in the tent and showed her mommy's hand and arm were ok and then we read books and all was well.
      Today Skylar was standing in front of the couch, leaning forward on her tiptoes, saying "Spaghettios, spaghettios" while looking at the couch in trepidation. (Don't ask me where the "uhoh's went, she has been lazy lately and now just says spaghettio's). I decided I had to do an intervention. I went and removed the couch cushion while explaining "there's nothing here that will hurt you" and then I turn see a quick flash of color but nothing else. (Seriously, it was crazy. Her sippycup and pillow were on the floor where she was standing but she was gone, it looked like she'd vanished.) I am debating on what to do. I figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Skylar LOVES the vacuum (she comes running everytime I turn it on) and well to be honest, there was enough food and debris under the couch cushion to feed a 3rd world country! So I get out the vacuum and sure enough Sky comes running. I sing the cleanup song (you should've heard me it was so beautiful it would've brought a tear to your eye) and take off all the cushions and vacuum. Then I get babydolls and we (me and the babydolls) sit on the couch and lay on the couch. Finally Sky joined us and after some judicous exploring decided the couch was safe. So we put the couch cushions back on and I sat down to watch some tv. I was feeling very proud of myself and ready to relax. (Hey, I have a big couch there was a LOT to vacuum!) Then Sky gets on the couch and pushes me forward so she can lay behind me and kick my back repeatedly.....why did I not want her afraid of the killer couch cushions again?

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